How Did The Culture Of Tanning Crop?

Reams and pages have been written about tanning- how to protect you against tan, the best methods of tanning, the side-effects and all. But not many people know about the culture of tanning. How did the fair-skinned people come to like the tan?

This obsession for tanning came about only in the 20th century when designer Coco Chanel returned from a vacation in the French Riviera with a deep tan. Obviously when the style diva does anything it becomes a style statement.

This was a complete turn about considering the fact that before this pale skin was supposed to be considered good. It just signified that you were rich, not having to do outside manual labor. You could afford people who would be able to do manual and hard jobs for you.

In fact, members of the French Royal Court took this one step further when they started powdering their faces to look as white as possible.

Interesting history, right? And we had thought that tanning was always fashionable!