Girls Are Crazy about Tans

Girls are regulars at tanning booths, as they like to have beautiful and attractive skin. Tanning as a practice has always been traditionally more popular with girls rather than boys. This fact has not been ignored by manufacturers of tanning lotions and creams who have launched brands with names such as girls tanning lotion and girls tanning spray.

A recent study has revealed that a large number of teens are into using indoor tanners. The study aimed to determine if teens were using safe practices while tanning. It also determined that a large number of teens were not aware of the precautions that need to be taken and the risks involved with indiscriminate indoor or outdoor tanning.

Indoor tanning booths have been designed to reduce the hazards of tanning in the sun. This however does not imply that indoor tanning is completely safe. Indoor tan booths produce the same UV radiation that is provided by the sun. Not every indoor tanning salon is run professionally and maintained well.

This article is for the attention of those beautiful girls who visit tanning booths. There is nothing wrong with getting an indoor tan as long as you take precautions and do not over do tanning. You do not want to end up at a hospital with your boy friend waiting for you with a bouquet of flowers.

Make sure that you take the following precaution when you get yourself tanned indoors.

1. Go in for tanning yourself only after you are 18. Until that age, your skin is not mature enough to be exposed to UV radiation.

2. Try to avoid topless or naked tanning.

3. Repeated exposure of the UVB or UVA rays may lead to skin cancer or premature aging of skin.
4. Use the moisturizing lotions based on either an SPF or DHA formulae as these lotions moisturize your skin and reduce the time taken to get a tan.
5. Consult your dermatologist before you get a tan.