Some Facts About Tanning

Every concept whether it be social, or scientific has some myths and facts attached to itself. Same is the case with tanning. Here are some of the facts about tanning:

Sun exposure in moderate amount is essential to the body as it helps in the formation of Vitamin D- the sunshine vitamin. In fact, sunshine is absolutely essential for the production of Vitamin D. If this vitamin is not produced, the absorption of calcium is hampered which in turn leads to bone disorders.

Some amount of UV exposure is necessary for the body as during exposure to the sun, it tans automatically. Tanning is actually a defense mechanism of the body. A body which has not been tanned can not protect itself against the harmful rays of the sun. So, tanning in some amounts is actually beneficial to the body.

Moderate sun tanning can actually reduce the risk of skin cancer and other related diseases like osteoporosis. But remember, this applies for moderate sun exposure.

One of the ways of protecting yourself against osteoporosis is to consume high levels of Vitamin D3, found in very high quantities in raw fish. But, not everybody may be comfortable with the idea of consuming a raw fish. The alternative in that case is tanning.

According to a study, it was found that pigmentation is the best protection against basal cell carcinoma. So the deeper is your tan , the better are the chances of your protection against skin cancer. But acquiring a deep tan does not mean that you bake yourself in the sun for long periods of time. It just means that a deep tan can be acquired over a period of time, gradually and slowly.