Some Facts About Tanning Salons

When about 30 million Americans and millions more on the global platform are rushing to get themselves tanned, surely there must be something about these tanning salons. With the mushrooming of tanning salons at every nook and corner, it is one of the most popular ways to get that 'bronzed look'. It is estimated that there are about 25,000 indoor tanning facilities spread all over the U.S. Thus, it is an industry which has enormous potential.

  Here is an overview of the tanning salons which are no less than Mecca for all the fashion-conscious crowd. And , a trip to one of them is no less than a pilgrimage!

The indoor tanning industry in the US took roots in the 1970's. Although dismissed by many as a passing fad at that time, it is still going strong. A number of tanning salons have opened up to provide their services to the fashion-conscious crowd.

The large number of customers who throng these salons, have different requirements of their own. While one may want a light tan, another might want a dark one. Nowadays, the tanning units are available in a wide variety of low, medium and high-pressure tanning units.

The tanning lamps are almost the single-most important equipment of a tanning unit. Even they have to follow certain guidelines as stated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These tanning lamps can range from 30-amp to 50-amp.

A tanning salon is required to get itself registered and follow certain guidelines as laid down by the FDA. Most of the salons nowadays also provide ancillary services like skincare, nails, body wraps, massage, fitness, sunless tanning and alike. This is in keeping with the ever-increasing demands of the customers for more and better services.

Also it is to be emphasized here that tanning by UV rays poses certain risks and dangers like sunburn, skin cancer, retinal damage, formation of cataracts and suppression of the immune system.

It is entirely up to the consumer now to decide whether he wants to go in for it or not. Remember, excess of anything is bad and the same applies to excess of exposure to UV rays in a tanning salon.