Do You Know The Benefits Of Tanning?

Tanning is the method of darkening the skin color by increasing the skin's melanin. That is, it is a natural physiological process stimulated by the ultraviolet radiations. Tanning is most commonly done under the sun, but many people prefer to do it inside the man made tanners.

The perspective of tanning varies from person to person. Some people tan to get the fashionable skin, while others tan for its benefits. Yes tanning had been popular since ages for its benefits. The UV rays of the sun stimulate the melanocytes to release the melanin pigments to the skin. The melanin oxidizes with oxygen to give the dark color of the skin. A tanned skin protects the body from harmful radiations of the sun.

Tanning has become a fashion statement in the recent years. Young people have become crazy for a brown tanned skin. But the setback buzzed when it was found that the sun rays are responsible for many kind of skin cancers. Then came the revolution of the tanning beds and booths. The tanning bed/booth manufacturers grabbed the right opportunity to earn millions of dollars. Today tanning beds are more popular than sun tanning since it is thought that they are safe and they pose no risk of cancer. This is a myth. Tanning either done under the sun or inside a tanning booth can cause skin cancer or other skin related problems.

Tanning inside a tanner is sometimes more vulnerable than tanning under the sun. The intensity of the infra red rays associated with ultraviolet rays make the environment inside the tanning bed excessively hot and the effects may be sunburn, age spots and wrinkles. The ultraviolet rays produced by the tanning bulbs are not different from the UV rays of the sun in any sense. The two kinds UVA and UVB rays responsible for tanning are also responsible for skin cancers.

This doesn't imply the fact that you cannot do tanning. Tanning can be done both under the sun as well as inside the tanner with some precautions. The very first thing needed to know is the type of the skin you have. There are six types of skin of which the TYPE- I and TYPE- II are not suitable for tanning since they tan less but burns more under the radiations.

Consult a dermatologist to know your skin type and then think for it. Tanning done in minimal session will never be hazardous to your health. So it is better to consult a tanning expert to help you out for a risk free tanning session. Remember conscience utilized is the consequence accomplished....!