Do Tanning Beds Really Cause Skin Cancer?

Do tanning beds really cause skin cancer? This is the most common question asked everywhere. If you are really serious about tanning and are thinking of going for safe tanning then its good on your part to update your knowledge regarding the merits and demerits of tanning beds. Reports have shown that suntanning is not the only way through which you can get skin cancer but tanning beds may also play a crucial role. Thus, indoor tanning can be as harmful as sun tanning if not done properly.

There are two types of skin cancer. Squamous and the basal cell cancer, and Melanoma. Where the previous one can be treated if diagnosed earlier the latter is more deadly and incurable. Reason being the harmful UV or ultraviolet light or radiations emitted by the tanning lamps and bulbs installed in the tanning beds. Overexposure to these radiations helps in the development of Melanoma or Nonmelonoma. Besides, they also reduce the production of DNA in our body.

Follow these steps to protect yourself from being a victim of skin cancer:

- Protect your eyes by wearing safety eyewear while tanning.
- Don't use tanning beds frequently. They are quite unsafe.
- Make use of good tanning lotion in tanning beds.
- Believe in branded tanning salons only.
- Your sunscreens should have 15 SPF at least.

Tanning beds are not always bad. But, one should restrict the frequent tanning sessions. Follow what your dermatologist says. Don't follow the fashion blindly. It is your skin and you need to keep it healthy for your whole life. Therefore, try to minimize your tanning sessions and go for the branded tanning equipment only. Safe tanning is much better than the dangerous one.