Dangers of Indiscriminate Tanning

Indiscriminate use of tanning beds has given rise to many health problems amongst teenagers and other fashion conscious people who are habitual of visiting tanning saloons. At one point of time tanning was thought to be a healthy exercise that promotes the secretion of Vitamin D and built strong bones.

It is not that tanning beds are dangerous. The problem is that tanning has become a pastime that even children as young as 12 to 13 indulge in. Tanning saloons are not very selective about the type of customers that they allow into their tanning beds. Children should be discouraged to use tanning beds.

The indiscriminate use of tanning beds may cause burning. Sunburn is one of the most conspicuous problems associated with using tanning beds in a haphazard manner. Melanoma one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer is one of the not so obvious dangers. This cancer is the result of over exposure to UV radiation, whether indoors or outdoors.

The hyped advantages of getting a tan have resulted in the mushrooming of a number of tanning saloons. These tanning saloons may not have properly trained personnel who are able to screen patients that should not go under a tanning bed. Some of the tanning saloons do not provide a pair of goggles to protect the eyes and may just ask the patron to cover their eyes with a towel.

There is no alternative to going out in the sun and getting some sunlight and some fresh air. A visit to a tanning saloon may sound like a good alternative to going to the beach. There is no harm in going to a tanning saloon once in a while. Before doing so, you should consult your dermatologist and follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Use a proper sun lotion and moisturizer. Wear a pair of goggles. Do not make a session at a tanning saloon a habit.