Beware Of Tanning Cam!!

Your last visit to tanning salon was excellent. You got the best tanning of your life. But, do you know about tanning cam? Today several deceitful tanning salon owners are making money by clicking naked photographs of their tanners clients. Innocent clients are not even aware of it. They don't even know, how crooked owners are minting money through them. Newspapers are full of the reports of such shameless cases.


Today, people prefer indoor tanning or sunless tanning to escape from the disadvantages of sun tanning like skin cancer or other dermal disease. Thus, they move to these tanning salons to fulfill their internal desire of being tanned. Then many people don't have tanning beds or tanning equipment at their home therefore, they prefer to go to tanning salons. The desire to become the brown beauty or to possess a designer skin makes them victims of these deceitful tanning salons. For the tanning sessions, the tanners are bound to take off their clothes, which is being misused by the corrupt tanning salon owners.


By selling the naked pictures of their innocent customers, they are filing their pockets and collecting money through both hands. Poor customers don't even know how they are being misused. Therefore, you are forewarned to follow certain instructions and guidelines, while visiting a tanning salon to protect yourself from becoming the victim of "tanning bed hidden camera". Some of them are like:


* Check the room and tanning bed carefully and properly before taking off your clothes.

* See that there should be no peek holes in your tanning bed.

* And if possible, try to go to reputed and renowned tanning salons only.


In this way, you may surely have a safe and secure tanning.