Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning has become very popular with people who are conscious of the way they look. A healthy tan is something that people like to flaunt at parties. A bronzed tan adds to the overall personality of a person and enhances their overall appeal.

There has been a tremendous growth in the tanning services and a number of saloons have come up in every small town and major city. Indoor tanning is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to people who do not have the time to take a vacation to go to the beach and get a suntan.

Tanning beds are also considered a safer alternative to sun tan as the amount of and type of radiation can be controlled. Getting a tan is as easy as visiting a health spa or a tanning saloon and lying down in a tanning bed with a pair of goggles to cover your eyes. In 30 minutes or so, you get a bronzed sculpted look that adds to your personality and aura.

Let us take a quick look at how tanning works. UVA and UVB are the two types of ultraviolet rays that the sun emits. UVB rays are of shorter wavelength and may cause sunburn. UVA rays are of a longer wavelength and help to give you a deep and rich looking tan without causing sunburn.

The lower layers of the epidermis are penetrated by UVA where melanocytes are triggered to produce melanin. Melanin is a brown pigment that helps in changing the color of the skin.

What are the problems related to tanning under the sun?

The UVA rays penetrate through the protective layer of the epidermis and may damage the immune system causing serious illnesses like melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer.

On the other hand, indoor tanning relies upon tanning bulbs that emit UVA radiation that can be controlled in terms of output and time.

Indoor tanning beds have an  adjustable auto timer that stops the tan in time and thus excessive exposure to UV rays is prevented.

When you are lying under the sun, you cannot limit the type of rays to which your body will be exposed. Therefore, you have a risk of getting sunburns or other distressing skin conditions. When you are basking under the sun you also may not be very careful about the time that you expose yourself to UV radiation. On the other hand, the time in a tanning bed is limited to a period of your choice.
Dermatologists suggest that you follow precautions when you are getting a tan indoors. Indiscriminate use of tanning beds may have a number of harmful effects. There are precautions that you need to follow in order to make sure that your indoor tanning experience is safe and enjoyable.