Are Tanning Beds Safe Enough

As with any other health issue, tanning beds too have their opponents and proponents. It is only fair to examine both sides before you declare which one is right. But, one thing is for sure that it is not advisable to tan longer than recommended. That can increase your risk of acquiring skin cancer. Ironically, the UVA rays which cause skin cancer do not cause any burns. So, you do not see any apparent signs of damage. In fact, the signs of skin cancer may take about 20 years to develop.

Not to forget that the UVA rays emitted by the tanning beds are at least two to three times more powerful than those emitted by the sun. So, tan your skin, but remember that a particular time limit is enough for it and you should stick to it.

Also, it is felt that you may get AIDS or STD's if you use a commercial tanning bed. As for AIDS, do rest assured that nothing would happen because AIDS gets transmitted only through bodily fluids and there is no such danger while using tanning bed. But yes, do make sure that the salon follows other cleaning procedures. Hygiene is of utmost importance otherwise you might just get bugs.

And yes, there is absolutely no risk of burning your organs if you use a tanning bed. So, rest assured on the point that no harm would come to you.

Tanning beds may prove harmful to your eyes if you do not take adequate protection. You may even go blind. Do wear protective eye goggles recommended for use when on the tanning bed. It is advised to remove your contacts while undergoing the process.

In case of some individuals, use of a tanning bed can lead to itching, especially if one is on certain medications. Another reason for it could be that you are probably photosensitive. In that case, you might have to forgo a tanning bed altogether.

But yes, tanning beds are a great way to treat people who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

The final verdict is that a tanning bed needs to be used only within the prescribed time limit and its proper usage can prove effective and deliver good results.