Ancient Vs Modern Tanning Notions

Tanning has always been a conspicuous aspect of that part of social culture which is centred upon physical beauty. In the modern era, a tanned skin is regarded as an asset worth flaunting. But it has not been the same always. It is a phenomenon which fluctuates from era to era. In ancient times, tanning was not much fashionable in general, as tanned skin was regarded as an obvious outcome of hard labor in the sun. In olden days, women deliberately tried to look lighter by using various cosmetic products. The trend saw a complete reversal in the 20th century. Tanning found itself in the forefront of fashion fads. So much so that it become the order of the day by the fag-end of the century. And it still has everyone vouching for it.


A tanned look is basically an outcome of secretion of melanin, a skin pigment released as a result of exposure to the sun. The amount of melanin is responsible for the color of your skin. If you have a relatively high percent of it, you will naturally have a tanned look. Melanin is actually a protective shield against the cancerous ultraviolet rays. While it is a natural defense, our attempts to acquire it artificially may be fatal. Overexposure to the sun is dangerous, but sunbathing in moderation is healthy as it supplies the skin with some essential natural ingredients.

In the modern era, you invariably find yourself running short of time. Time was when you had the freedom to lie on the beach and get a nice tan. Now, we all lead a tethered existence, with time being the most precious asset. It has robbed us of choices. However, the availability of man-made option compensates it to an extent. You can get a tan by applying tanning lotions instead of going to the beach. Also, you can reach your goal by using the tanning machine, you should keep in mind that the excess of everything is bad. Opt for moderation in tanning, be it natural or artificial, and you will be saved from the health hazards associated with tanning.