A Sneak Peek Into Sunless Tanning Salon

As soon as the summer approaches, all of us start to enjoy the warmth of the sun. A number of people still remember spending endless hours basking in the sunlight to get a skin tan. They let the sun rays feel their body in a hope that it should invoke the melanin producing agents and give them the look they always wanted. Today the concept of sunbathing has become plagued with unwanted effects like scars, blemishes, signs of aging and in worst cases even skin cancer.

The concept of sunless tanning salon is catching the fancy of people. Most of the upmarket sunless tanning salons have started to ask the patrons to attend sunless tanning sessions which are priced at anywhere between $25 to $100. generally this is the charge for hour long sessions. In some cases you might need to spend extra time which is generally complimentary.

Most of the sunless tanning salons give the option of manual application of sunless tanning lotion or the services of a beauty expert who can air spray the vapors of a sunless tanning lotion. Some even offer full fledged spray booths. Overall you would have to pay anywhere around $125 in an upmarket salon for every session which includes the spray service, cost of lotion as well as the charges of time you spend in the tanning bed.

Apart from the tanning lotions, you can also go for advanced beauty schemes. They would include application of mousses and bronzers. Then there are additional services. The logic is simple, the more you want, the more you have to pay.

The tanning salons use lotions that contain dioxyacetone.  This ingredient reacts with the dead skin cells of our body and turns them brown. This is somewhat like the natural sun tanning. So with the gradual replacement of dead skin cells with newer skin cells, the sun tan fades after some time. In a number of salons, bronzers are also added to the lotion. Bronzer speeds up the overall effect of tanning lotions making the results show early.

If you want fast sun tan for a special occasion and do not worry about the money involved, this is the best option for you.