Get Yourself A Sexy Sun Tan Tattoo

Tattooing is in. From spiritual mantras to crazy and abstract designs, people are getting almost everything inked on their bodies. But the pain of inking needles keeps many people away from getting a tattoo done. If you are one of them then a sexy sun tan tattoo might just be the thing for you. You can get a brilliant sun tattoo on your body just by lounging in the sun. Here is how you can go about getting a sexy sun tattoo.

* First things first, you will need to figure out the area where you want to get a sun tan tattoo. Do you want a tattoo on your abs? Is your shoulder the desired area? Or do you want something exciting on your legs?

* Once you have decided the body area where you want a tattoo, the next thing you would need to do would be to get the right equipment. If you want a tattoo on the upper body part you will need a tight fitting t-shirt. An absolutely fitted pant will be required for those who want the tattoo on their lower body part.

* Next, you need to decide what you want to get tattooed. Do you want to get a sun imprinted on your chest? Or you want to imprint the name of your beloved on your body? You can get really experimental with shapes here.

* After figuring out what you want to get tattooed on your body, you need to cut that out from the shirt or the pant. Make note that the design you have chosen will be the darker area. If you are not very good with drawing or cutting, take some help from your friends.

* Lay in the sun for a few hours and the cut out area will get darker thus creating a sexy sun tan tattoo. You need to be in the sun for at least two to three hours for the skin to get dark enough. However, the tattoo will continue to darken even after you leave the sun.

Few tips to get the perfect tattoo
Whilst getting a sun tan tattoo is easy, here are some tips that will help you get better results.

* Make sure that you wear absolutely body hugging clothes. Clothes that are loose will not help you get a proper tan.
* Keep applying sunscreen after every few hours as this will help your skin from burning.
* Try getting your tattoo when the sun is at its peak during 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Go ahead and get yourself a sexy sun tan tattoo and be prepared to be the subject of envy.