Game For Naked Tanning? What You Need To Know

Do you know what tanning is? Well, tanning is a process by which you protect yourself from the injurious UV rays. Now-a-days, tanning is one of the strong fashion testimonials. Naked tanning has gained great popularity over the years. Naked tanning reauires a person to lie completely naked in the sun applying tanning lotions on his/her body. The feeling of entire consistent tan, at every body part is simply enthralling.

But, what you may not know that naked tanning has some very harmful aftermaths, as well. The reason ebing there are some limits till which one can tan itself. After the limit is crossed, the results can be really really bad. Most people just enjoy naked tanning without any prior information about its negative effects. So, for the sake of all sunbathing lovers, we mention the harmful effects of naked tanning. Go through them, before you risk yourself in naked tanning.

Firstly, you must know about those body parts which can easily get affected with the hazardous UV rays. Mostly, breasts, genital parts, and underarms are considered the most susceptible body parts. When you get indications like harsh rashes, then blame the naked tanning that you took.

The UV rays pierce these areas rather quickly. This results in sunburns and pimples. The outer part of vagina is highly sensitive to exceeding temperatures and UV rays. The breast skin is very slender and flair. The UV rays can rough them up badly. This can also lead to breast cancer because ultraviolet rays penetrates the mammary glands very easily.

Naked tanning is also responsible for the rising cases of skin cancer. The epidermis of human skin is effortlessly pierced by the ultraviolet rays. This results in the tampering of the immune system.

Hence, say no to naked tanning. But still, if you wish to spend a pleasurable time tanning naked, take some precautions like:

Always wear the bikinis specifically designed for tanning purpose. If tanning bikinis are not available, cover up your delicate areas with some clothes. Spend minimum time in naked tanning, say, 10-12 minutes. When sun is at its peak, avoid naked tanning. Naked tanning should be done at regular interval of time, to avoid its harmful effects.

To protect the eyes, one should use ultraviolet proof glasses. Continuously, check on yourself for any kind of unexpected growth on the skin, like pimples. A very important point: always use appropriate lotions and/or moisturizers during naked tanning. If any kind of problem exist, please get checked yourself by a qualified doctor for an appropriate treatment.

Enjoy naked tanning, but take precautions as well so that the enjoymnet does not come at a premium!