To Tan or Not to Tan- A Dilemma during Pregnancy

Think pregnancy and a woman is already thinking of million of other things, primarily the do's and don'ts of pregnancy. The list begins from right what to eat and trickles down to the things that a pregnant woman is supposed to do to keep her baby all smiles. A major concern that has of late found place in the brain of most expecting mothers is tanning beds.
A tanned skin tone might be the thing in vogue but this fashion fad is accompanied by various health related queries when a woman has a young offspring inside her. The reasons for concern are of course justified as whatever a woman does during the tenure of her pregnancy has an effect on to the to-be-born as well.
Though an expecting mother should watch out her acts with great vigil, but she can keep all her worries and concerns at bay as long as tanning is the subject under consideration. While many are of the view that tanning can have harmful effects on the baby within, the truth is far from popular beliefs.
The process of tanning is more or less similar to you laying out in the sun for a lazy sun bath. Unlike what many people think, tanning is an absolutely harmless process and does not affect your child in any possible way. It is perhaps the UV rays emitted out during the process of tanning that raise eyebrows and make tanning seem as a sin to the young one inside. But the fact is that the UV rays emitted in the process do not reach your child. So as long as your child is away from the UV radiations, there is little that you need to worry of.
Now that you seem to be convinced of the harmless nature of tanning, it is not compulsory that others may think so. Your salon staff may not find it advisable to offer you a tanning session during pregnancy as most doctors advise pregnant woman to not do anything that raises body's temperature. While some salons can ask for a doctor's note granting permission for tanning, others may not permit tanning at all.
The very thought of bringing a new life onto this planet is enough to leave you to utter bewilderment and amusement. When the thought itself is accompanied by such strong feelings, consider what the whole experience itself would be like. No wonder, pregnancy is one of the most important phases in the life of a woman. So make sure you evaluate your every decision including tanning before you take the plunge. Though tanning is an absolutely harmless process, you decision can be postponed in case you have any apprehensions.