Wolfe Tanning Beds

Get the desired coppertone glow for your skin by self tan with wolfe tanning beds at your home instead of landing up in the scorching sun near a beach. The wolfe tanning beds are actually the "wolff tanning beds" which provide quality and innovative tanning. The products are trusted by people for their performance and the tan they provide to your skin is safe and sound.

The various products of Wolfe include: tanning booths, tanning beds, tanning bed bulbs, tanning bed parts, lamps and lotions.

The different models of Wolfe tanning beds for home are, SunQuest, SunDome, SunVision, StarPower, SunStar and Solaris and many more. With the various models to choose among them, the SunVision model is the most versatile and durable of all Wolff tanning beds. Some of the models are easy to use and folding options are there for easy storage in less space accommodation. The SunQuest 14SE model of Wolfe Tanning Beds delivers a simply great tan at home.

  • Features of SunQuest Wolff Tanning Beds: 110V, has 14 and 16 lamp units
  • Features of SunQuest Wolff Tanning Beds: 220V, has 24 and 26 lamp units and 24 super-efficient 100-watt Wolf tanning lamps.
  • The Pro 24RS model Wolff Tanning Beds perform head to toe tanning equivalent to commercial tanning.

The special features of wolff tanning beds are:

  • It has high tech digital timer to trace time.
  • Digital security timer for monitoring standard timer of accurate session timing.
  • Convenient stand up tanning models are also available.
  • Built-in stereo speakers for connecting to your own stereo.
  • Only 10 minute tanning session time.

The natural effects of the suntan can be achieved with the wolfe tanning beds that are more safe as compared to sun tanning outside. The Ultraviolet light from the lamps of these beds stimulates the melanin in your skin for the bronze tan. There are a number of tanning beds in the store. The wolff tanning beds among them stand extraordinary to give the brown tan beauty that one craves for.