Use Tanning Lotions For Safe Indoor Tan

The modest estimate is that about 30 million Americans are indoor tanners. The popularity of indoor tanning raises certain basic postulates. It is not only important that you have indoor tan beds you need to know how to use them. You are expected to know, how not to burn.

The use of base tan comes into the picture here. Even if it is outdoor tanning in the seashore, to block the direct effect of the rays, you need to use some sort of tanning lotion.

Well, it is necessary to use the tanning lotions (some times called sun protections creams), as protection against the excess of suntan. Tanning lotions are called tanning bed lotions because they are applied at night before the bedtime. And most of the indoor tanning lotions can be used with equally better results for outdoor tanning.

As compared to the sun tan, the tanning bed is much more powerful, so far as the effect of tanning goes. This is because, the ultraviolet radiation in the tanning beds is twice as that provided by the sun. The resultant tan is, thus stronger. The human skin is delicate as it is made up of cells and tissues. Not using the protective lotion on them is an invitation for their damage. The job of the lotions is to protect and moisturize. They help to speed up the tanning process and have a role to play in providing to you the attractive golden brown look. Many a good quality tanning lotions are available in the market.

Many tanning lotions containing oils from fruits and plants are being used with great benefit. Vegetable oils are also preferred, as they are skin friendly. Use of mineral oils in tanning lotions has almost been discontinued though.

Even in the normal course, with the use of tanning beds, the tanning lotions help the healthy growth of the skin.