Try Out Some Great Tanning Products

There are various tanning products that are used for tanning the skin and getting the brown tan, which is the current fashion word for the western world. The tanning products come in different forms with different functions to perform. They are gaining popularity day by day among the beautiful and fashion conscious ladies.

Though tanned skin is a fashion, basic principle lies in the fact that they provide protective health shield, by increasing the melanin content of the skin that helps in getting rid of the harmful radiations of the sun and keep the immune system intact.

Sun tanning is still very popular till date; but the views regarding the cancer causing agents from direct exposure to the sun gave birth to the idea of indoor tanning. The tanning products generally are- tanning beds, tanning lotions, spray tanning, facial tanners and alike. They all provide the tanning thus reducing the risk of suntan skin problems.

The tanning products and their benefits:

1) The tanning beds are available for both, commercial use in salon as well as domestic models meant for use at homes. In home tanning beds, you do the task of self tan inside the tanning bed. The tanning beds create the same radiations that make the skin tan but the intensity is reduced by the time of exposure controlled by the auto timers. The risk of getting extra amount of UVB rays is not there.

2) The lotions have generally two functions. Firstly, they provide protection to your skin and secondly they enhance the tan. They can be used for both, sun tanning as well as sunless tanning. There are two kinds of tanning lotions- SPF formula lotions and DHA formula lotion. The former has sunscreen formula to protect the sunburn whereas the latter has tanning enhancement capability. The lotions are needed for tanning schedules because they help in moisturizing the skin that tans better and maintain the balance of the nutrients in the skin.

3) The facial tanners help in quick facial tanning, which you can perform anywhere for 15 minutes.

4) The spray tanning is actually artificial tanning by mists or colors sprayed from the sprinklers of the tanning booth. The tan gives a natural look, but it slowly fades away within 10 days.

5) Tanning pills claim to tan the skin without exposure to tanning bulbs or sun. They biogenetically stimulate the melanocytes to release melanin and thus help in tanning.