Treating Sunburn Caused From A Tanning Device

While you try to get that sun kissed look, there is always a chance of developing sunburn. Sunburn is caused as a result of excessive exposure to UV rays. Sunburn implies damage to the skin and thus calls for an appropriate treatment. It may be characterized by swelling, itching, extreme pain and peeling of skin. Here are some ways to treat sunburn that may be caused as a result of using a tanning device.

* You can prepare cold compresses using milk and water. Take one part milk and one part water to prepare the cold compress and apply it on the affected area. This will soothe the irritated skin.

* Oral painkillers can be used in case sunburn is accompanied by pain.

* Prepare a mixture of tomato juice and butter milk. Two teaspoons of tomato juice and four tablespoons of buttermilk should be sufficient. Mix the two together and apply it on the face. Wash off after thirty minutes.

* Cucumbers work as a skin soothing agent. You can rub slices of cucumber on the sun burnt area for instant relief.

* Rubbing tomatoes on the affected area also may provide relief.

* You can use one of the several commercially available 'after suns'. These products contain aloe vera and calamine that soothe your skin.

* Application of apple cider vinegar can also be of great help. It prevents your skin from blistering and peeling along with providing relief from pain.

* Baking soda also provides relief to sun burnt skin. It has a cooling effect and even helps the skin retain its moisture. You can add half a cup of baking soda to tepid bath. Now soak yourself in this water for some time.

* Internal healing of the skin is also a must after you incur sunburn. To treat your skin internally, you can take I.U. of vitamin E (about one capsule), 1,000 mg of vitamin C, 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil and 15 mg of beta carotene. Repeat this for a couple of days after the sunburn. While flaxseed oil helps reduce inflammation, Vitamin C and Vitamin E work as antioxidants and destroy the free radicals released during the tanning process.

* Take one cup of uncooked oatmeal and add it to your bathing water. Now soak yourself in this water for 15-20 water. As you soak yourself, gently pat the burnt areas as this well help form a thin layer of oatmeal on the skin.

* If you are suffering from extreme pain due to sunburn, then gently apply the egg whites on the burnt area. This will provide instant relief.

Try these simple tips and you will be able to recuperate from sunburn much easily.