Tips To Follow When You Tan Yourself

Whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors, you should be following certain tips to make sure that your tanning experience is a healthy and happy one. These tips are especially important if you are a beginner. Ultraviolet rays from the sun or from a tanning bulb work the same way. These rays stimulate the production of melanin, a pigment that tans your skin.

If you do not follow, the right precautions when exposing yourself to UV rays, you can suffer from serious consequences, the least dangerous of which is sunburn.

You should limit the time that you expose yourself to UV rays to a safe limit. Ask your dermatologist who can judge your skin type and advice you on what should be a safe limit.

Control the amount and type of UV radiation that you receive when you use a tanning bed.

Protect your eyes from UV radiation by wearing a pair of FDA approved tanning goggles.
Simply closing the eyes, wearing ordinary outdoor sunglasses or wrapping a towel around your eyes may not be safe and can cause injury to your eyes.

Protect your lips with lip balms or sunscreen lotions.

If you intend to tan naked, gradually increase exposure to those areas that generally remain covered.

If you are under any kind of medications consult your family doctor or pharmacist. There are certain medicines that may cause reaction with UV light.

Moisturizing your skin with a good quality tanning lotion is very important. The best tanning results in a tanning booth can be achieved when your skin is moist.

Moderation exposure to  UV radiation with low UVB rays results in a better and longer lasting tan.

If you are taking blood pressure medication, antibiotics and topical ointments or other medicines, you may experience allergic reactions when exposed to UV rays.

Avoid indiscriminate exposure to UV rays in tanning beds. Do not be tempted to tan yourself more than three times a week.

Following these tips will help you to have a healthy tanning experience.