Tips To Check How Clean Is A Tanning Bed

The trend of going in for artificial tanning is fast becoming a way of life for busy executives and their spouses. This is because the time when one can get away from work and go on a holiday may not be a time when one can bask in sunshine on a beach. Sometimes a holiday might be to a destination where sunshine is not the criteria at all. But since a tanned look adds to the idea of a holiday well spent, it makes sense to settle for a stint of artificial tanning.

But wait…How clean is the tanning bed on which you will be taking the treatment?

To make sure about hygienic tanning one must check a few details about the tanning bed in order to make sure that the equipment used is well serviced, clean and in proper working order.

To check if the tanning bed is in a fit condition one must take a look at the inside of the tanning bed. Even a casual glance at the insides can reveal if the bed is cleaned regularly.

The lamps and reflectors need to be checked for cleanliness on both sides. As the acrylic on which the tanning takes place is the most hard-worked portion of the bed, it must be changed at least once a year so it is a good idea to find out when the last change was carried out.

Some beds need to have the acrylic changed even between lamp changes. Also the acrylic needs to be kept in a well cleaned and polished condition because the use of warm water leaves behind deposits and these build up ugly stains on the acrylic. An acrylic cleaner can do the trick if it is regularly applied on the acrylic in the tanning bed.

Before lying down on the tanning bed it is necessary to run a look on the bed to make sure there are no ugly bulges or worn out hinges so that the risk to injury during the process of tanning is minimized. The filters need to be inspected to make sure that the right amount of heat is being given off and there is no danger of over heating leading to burns.

While these things require a technician to give the tanning bed a clean and usable certification, even the ordinary user can make sure that the tanning bed is properly sanitized before lying down on it. The sterilization process needs to be carried out strictly according to the manual for sterilization as it is likely that parts of the equipment on the bed can be missed over in a case of blind servicing, sans a manual.

A few intelligent checks can be instituted by enquiring whether there is a proactive inspection of the cleanliness schedule in place to make sure that the tanning bed is regularly cleaned according to a laid down schedule. One can even ask for the record of maintenance done in case there is a shadow of doubt creeping in the mind about the cleanliness of the tanning bed. All this can be done as a matter of course and no tanning center if it is well maintained would raise an objection to queries made about the servicing and cleaning of tanning beds, by a customer.

Also, it is better to make sure about the cleanliness of the tanning bed prior to using it. Rather than to be involved in the trying process of legal action and litigation to make claims from injuries that occurred simply because the tanning bed was not properly maintained and you as a customer did not find it necessary to make sure that you were lying on a clean tanning bed for your date with artificial tanning!