Tan Safe: Tips For Healthy Tanning

Do you know that many benefits are associated with tanning as well? Well, healthy tan is a must for you and improves your bones, protects your skin from radiations and kills many pathogens inside the body. But to enjoy all these benefits you need to follow certain precautions. By following appropriate care and precaution you will enjoy a perfect tanning session.

Careless tanning has affected people around the globe. And it can affect you too. Many people are reported to have suffered from deadly skin cancer due to excessive as well as unprotected exposure to UV rays. And such reports have given enough room to the myths associated with tanning. Wherein, we should have worked towards spreading tanning do' and don'ts to have a healthy tan. Better late than never. Here is a list of caution for you.

1. First things first, know your skin type first. For, your skin type plays a crucial role in deciding duration of your tanning session.

2. Now before you lie for a tanning session, it is important for you to clean your skin completely from the ingredients of any makeup or perfume or deodorant as these things make your skin more prone to sunburns. Take a shower before a session if possible.

3. Moisturizing your skin with lotions, before and after the tanning session, is also a must. Simply do not rub on completely, allow some visible portion of cream to remain on the skin to increase protection.

4. If you are tanning under the sun, wear hat and sunglasses. Tanning bikinis and nickers are also essential both for sun tanning and sunless tanning. Inside a tanner wear those goggles meant for tanning only.

5. Tanning session should be carried out for 15 to 20 minutes only. This time exposure doesn't allow the UV rays to make extreme penetration. For sun tanning prefer the morning light since it has low harmful radiations.

6. Don't drink water for three or four hours after tanning.

7. Give at least a gap of three days before the next tan. This time is needed for the synthesizing the melanin in your skin.

8. Moisturize more and more from the next day of tanning. It helps to gain the tan faster. Choose SPF and DHA formula lotions or moisturizers. They supply the required nutrients to your skin.

9. Consult a doctor immediately if you find something unpleasant like red rashes or spots or irritation of the skin after or during the session.