The Whole Array Of Tanning Equipments

For those who prefer the convenience and the time-saving features of a self-tanning system, as compared to a natural tan, it is essential to have knowledge about the types of tanning equipments available in the market and which one would be the best choice for their particular needs.

With the rise in demand of self-tanning systems, the costs of these equipments have really come down. They have become quite affordable. Some of the popular tanning devices are tanning beds, canopies, booths and lamps.

Tanning salons make use of the commercial tanning beds which have a number of user-friendly features and can be programmed to suit customer's needs. The home tanning beds are obviously smaller in size and have limited features. But, even with their limited features, they are effective enough and quite cheap as well.

Unlike a tanning bed where you have to lie down, a tanning booth requires you to stand up. The UV rays hit the body from all sides thus giving you a tan.

On the other hand, a tanning canopy has just a tanning roof. The person has to install his own bed under it and roll over from time-to-time so as to acquire a tan. A tanning canopy can be stored easily.

For those who just want to tan on the face or hands, a tanning lamp is the best option. They are small and easy to carry. While using a tanning lamp at home do make sure that it is clean. This makes the bulb brighter and increases its efficiency by up to 10 %.

While using any of these equipments, it is necessary to follow some general guidelines and rules. It is extremely important to know the condition of your skin. If you have extra sensitive skin, then low levels of UV rays are required.

It is just not enough to only shut your eyes. Protective eyewear is an absolute must. Also use sunscreens or ointments on the lips as they do not produce melanin. Do consult your doctor before going in for any tanning procedure as some medications may hamper the process of tanning.

So, go ahead, make the right choice and enjoy yourself!