The Different Types Of Tanning At Tanning Salons

Earlier, the only way to get tanned was to lay down in the sun for hours together. However, with today's busy schedules, tanning salons have become an integral part of our lives. They are a boon for all the sun seekers who do want the much-in-demand tan, yet are facing a time crunch.

Basically, two types of tanning are available at these tanning salons- horizontal and vertical. The customer can take his pick depending on whichever type he is most comfortable with.

As the name itself suggests, horizontal tanning implies when the person lies down on a tanning bed and then receives the rays. Tanning beds still attract a lot of controversy because of the risk of cancer that they are associated with. Although these beds are extremely popular among teens, their usage is still under dispute. Also, the salon owners have started using the seemingly harmless, but actually quite dangerous UVA rays which have made these tanning beds all the more dangerous.

Vertical tanning, on the other hand, is when the tanner is made to stand in a tanning booth and is bombarded with rays from all sides. Here tanning bulbs are mounted behind a Plexiglas. They swathe the body with UV rays.

A cooling fan is typically present in vertical tanning which cools the body in the 5-20 minutes tanning session. They can be made of wood or steel to accommodate various body types. A spray-tan is also applied in the vertical position when the tanner is standing vertically. Presently, spray-tans are found only at high-end salons. These spray-tans last for about five to seven days till the effect of the chemical DHA stays.

What is most important is that the tanning salon that you visit, maintains high levels of cleanliness. This is essential especially in the case of horizontal tanning when the person has to lie own on the bed. It is a matter of concern that the bed must have been used by a number of other people. So, it is better to look for hygiene while going in for a tan.

The results from both methods do not show much of a difference. In fact, results from both types are extremely good especially if the salon staff is knowledgeable and professional. The staff at any good salon will ask you questions about your skin type before devising a tanning schedule customizing to your needs and requirements.