Tanning Tips

If you want to avoid the unnecessary harm to your skin and attain a healthy safe tan, take the tanning tips that help you get the desired tan. Its necessary to know the type of your skin before tanning, and the guy in the salon or a dermatologist can help you out with it. Tanning tips support you in getting the bronzing tan.

1. Some tanning tips for outdoor tanning:

* Before sunbathing, clean your skin completely and make it free of the ingredients of makeup and perfume that make the skin susceptible to sunburn.

* If you tan topless, moisturize your breasts properly.

* Do not rub on the lotion entirely, to increase protection, allow some visible amount of cream to remain on your skin.

* Reduce the exposure time under the sun to 1 hour only, and tan before 10 am only.

* Moisturize your skin with lotions with SPF formula, before and after your tanning session. Moisturizers don't allow excessive UV exposure.

* Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

* Take a gap of at least twenty four hours before tanning again. This time is required for producing melanin.

* Consult a doctor immediately if you find red rashes on your skin.

2. Tanning tips for indoor tanning:

* The tanning booth and its lamps are important. The lamps with low UVB rays are better to tan.

* While tanning nude, try to protect sensitive areas of the body that are normally not exposed to UV radiations. Expose these areas in a gradual manner through tanning sessions for the first three or four times you tan nude.

* Protect your lips with balms that blocks UV rays.

* Moisturize the skin with tanning lotions that have DHA as well as SPF formula since, they protect you from sun burn and enhance the tan.

* For facial tan, don't use tanning oil but lotions or creams.

* Wear protective goggles made especially for tanning booths.

* Don't over tan, maintain a routine of tanning.

* Don't take tanning pills, they are useless.

* Tanning should be carried out for 20-30 minutes only.