Tanning Lamps For Rich Brown Tan

The efficacy of an indoor tanning session depends a lot on the tanning lamps used. The lamps are the main source of tanning in the tanning beds that provide the accurate amount of UV rays. The UV rays stimulate the melanin cells for the production of melanin.

The amplitude of UV rays by the lamps help in the quality tan. The lamps are the most important equipment in a tanning booth. That's why its essential to know for sure certain facts about the lamps. There are numerous kinds of tanning bulbs but the features make them extraordinary. Do you know how these bulbs produce the ultraviolet radiations?

The lamps emit UV rays due to the collision of the electrons from the electrode and the electrons from the mercury atom. The settling of the mercury electrons from excited state to normal state produces the radiations. The UV radiations then pass the phosphorus coated glass and give out the accurate level needed for the tanning.

So before buying a tanning bed or a facial tanner, consider following facts about the lamps:

1.Prefer those bulbs with lower UVB outlet, because they will create a darker tan that will last long. A higher UVB bulb though tans faster but the tan is not so darker.

2.See that the beds are equipped with bronzing bulbs having a lower level of UVB. Bronzing bulbs are different from the 'hot' bulbs in the sense that the 'hot' tanning bulbs have a higher level of UVB and less UVA.

3.Generally the tanning bed bulbs are approved for 1000 hours for use, but it will be better if you change them after 600-800 hours of use for good results.

For maximizing the life of your tanning bulbs make sure the beds are getting appropriate amount of voltage. Check the efficiency of cooling system fans because too much of heat reduces the quality of the lamp.