Tanning Beds To Tan Your Body

Now tanning for beauty is no longer a tiresome job, you can have it even while listening to your favorite number or just lying down indoors relaxing. The tanning beds, available both in the commercial model for salon as well as home model for your private use. There are various models that fall within the range of $1500 to $4500 for the glow in your skin. The Dermatologist Association of many countries have accepted them as more safe than sun tanning because of the low intensity of UVA rays given out by the lamps for tanning.

The tanning beds are manufactured for simulating the natural tanning process of sun in a clean, convenient, and comfortable environment. The skin is damaged by ultraviolet radiation of the sun causing melanoma, a skin cancer. A tanning bed protects against heavy penetration of the ultraviolet rays giving moderate radiations, regulated by timings of auto shut off. Sunscreens are though partially effective, the intensity of the radiations of sun may not bow down to penetrate deeper.

Tanning beds with less exposure of time than sunlight keep an accurate track of the time so that a sunburn doesn't occur. The eyes prone to damage are normally protected from the ultraviolet radiation in a tanning booth wearing sunglasses since keeping the eyes closed is not sufficient.

Get a check up done with your pharmacist or dermatologist before using a tanning bed. There are some drugs that can react to ultraviolet radiation.

After you have decided to use the tanning beds, be sure to follow certain measures:

1. Avoid over doing it, better use it for short time intervals.

2. Always wear eye protection since closing the eyes or sunglasses or cotton balls is not enough, take the goggles made specially for tanning routines.

3. Try not to have any direct contact with the bulbs.

4. Take the help of an attendant.

5. Massage a proper lotion.

The type of your skin is very important since the tanning ability of a person is genetically controlled and no alteration takes place. Before you go for using a tanning booth you should consult a doctor.