Tanning Bed Burns

The first time you sued a skin tanning bed, you got  great looking tan. You were pretty satisfied with the results. The second however was a catastrophe. You ended your session with a sore and scarred skin. This is the symptom of having suffered a tanning bed burn. It is an unwanted effect of the sun tanning beds and it is something the sun tanning beds are rather notorious for.

If you do not feel any major pain ad the skin is just feeling tender, thank god the you din not get full intensity burns. If you have unbearable pain and scars have shown up on your skin, you have suffered major tanning bed burns.

There are two main reasons due to which people get tanning bed burns. In the first case, the person who has suffered burns did not use the adequate anti radiation protective measures. In the second case he has been over exposed to the UV rays meaning that intensity of radiation blasted out by the bed lamps of the tanning bed was more than the skin of victim could have tolerated, even with adequate protective measures being taken.

The best way to ensure that major tanning burns do not occur, is to take adequate protective measures. the best and simplest protection of course is to apply tanning bed lotion. It is the job of skin tanning lotion to boost the melanin generating system of our skin and to ensure the person has to spend lesser time in the sunless tanning bed or booth. the lesser time in the bed means lesser exposure to radiation and therefore lesser chances of getting a tanning burn.

It is also recommended that  moisturizer should be used along with the tanning lotion. A number of cases have been observed where the dry skin of victim has led to serious sun tanning bed burns. The moisturizer shall keep the skin smooth and soft,thus contributing to reduce the chances of a tanning burn.

The best way to ensure buns do not occur is to make sure that all the safety related instructions related to the sun tanning bed and lotion are observed properly.