Tanning At Home

A tan at home can be done with the help of self-tanners which include creams, lotions, gels and sprays and tanning beds. A tanning bed at home eliminates your need to go to a commercial facility like a tanning salon or a booth to get that dusky look for yourself.

Earlier to get a spray tan one had to visit a spray tan booth. But now, the spray cans available in the market can be used at home to acquire a fast, cool and good tan. A spray tan should always be performed with a quality product so that the skin doesn't get damaged. Moreover, the effect is also sure to last for a longer time if it is a quality product.

There are lot of other ways in which one can self-tan at home. These include lotions, creams and gels. It is absolutely essential to read the instructions on these products carefully before using them. As for tanning pills, they are considered to be unsafe and are not approved by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration). Tanning pills can lead to serious health problems including liver damage, urticaria and canthaxanthin retinopathy. So, avoid pills as far as possible as they may turn you in to a hideous orange instead of the desired brown.

It is also better to follow all the tips before you go in for tanning at home. They include exfoliating and drying your skin thoroughly before applying any of these products. Also, it is advisable to mix some moisturizer along with the lotion and gel. It is good for those who want a lighter tan. Also mixing a moisturizer with the gel helps the product to spread easily.

Coming to the tanning beds, home tanning beds should be bought only after you know everything about them. They are not an on-the-spot buying decision. Kowing maximum about them is the best way to approach. They are useful for those who do not want to venture out from the comfort of their homes and yet experience the joys of a tanning salon at home. Moreover, a tanning bed does not use much of electricity. But, what is important is that you do need to change the tanning lamps after every 500 hours of use to make your tanning bed function more efficiently.