Sunless Tanning- An Alternative

 Sunless tanning refers to the process of acquiring a tan by artificial methods. It is also popularly known as self-tanning, UV-free tanning, fake tan, canned tan or fake 'n bake.

As these terms themselves suggest that a sunless tan is an artificial way of getting a tan. Lotions, sprays, gels and mousses are used for the purpose of getting tanned in the convenience of home.

And then there are professional facilities like spas, gyms, salons and booths which use equipments like showers, tanning beds and alike, all in an effort to give you a tan.

The tan given by these artificial products is temporary and the effect wears off after a few days when the dead skin cells are sloughed off. It can even be removed simply with soap and water.

A number of products are available in the market to give the much-in-demand tan. In fact, products formulated to be ingested like pills and hormones, have also been developed. This speaks volumes about the fact that people can go to any lengths just to acquire a tan.

Sunless tanning has now become a preferred option because it saves you from the hassle of bearing the sun. You can sit comfortably inside your home or a tanning booth and get in tune with the latest fashion trends in fractions of time. Although the efficacy and the results of using these products vary, yet they are considered to be a safer alternative than the traditional way of tanning by some. But then these methods are also not considered to be totally foolproof as controversies still arise over methods like tanning pills and tanning beds. In fact, most of the tanning pills are still not approved by the FDA.

Do take all precautions before going in for sunless tanning and ensure that the products you are using are of a superior quality. Otherwise, your skin may either turn orangey or very dry. Also, it is important to make sure that your skin is not allergic to the tanning product that you may choose to use. Here, it is extremely important to note that these skin tanning products do not offer you any protection against sun damage.

Sunless tanning is supposed to be a safer and a better method of getting the bronze look without accompanying damage to the skin. But it is always better to look before you leap and take all the factors into consideration before choosing any one of them.