Sunless Tanning, Safe Tanning!!

Indoor tanning or sunless tanning are getting more and more popular these days. Sunless tanning means to tan yourself without sun. People are giving more preference to indoor tanning as sunshine is not at all times available, at all the places. And people living in such areas can't even afford to have so long vacation just to tan themselves.

There is another reason too behind the preference for indoor tanning. It is much safer than sun tanning. In sun tanning, there is direct exposure to ultraviolet rays emitted by sunshine that may result in different kinds of dermal diseases whereas indoor tanning is harmless and more effective as compared to sun tanning. There are various methods involved in it. These are:

Using tanning lotions: There are various types of tanning lotion available in market today. All these tanning lotion comprise of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which is responsible for changing the skin color by interacting with dead skin cells. Their effect lasts for five to seven days. This is one of the cheapest method of self-tanning.

* Going for spray tanning: This is expensive in comparison to tanning lotion. Spray tanning is done by using a spray gun. It can be done in both ways, manually as well as automatically.
* Using tanning beds: This is another effective method by which you can tan your body by relaxing on a bed fitted with adjustable tanning lamps and bulbs.
* Taking tanning pills: There are various kinds of pills available in market containing Caretenoid pigments, Tyrosine pigments, responsible for changing the skin color.

So, these are a few effective sunless tanning methods that you may opt for to attain that dream bronze look without any side-effects.