Sunless Tanning Moisturizer

Tanning under the sun is harmful, so it's done indoors in tanning beds, but even the indoor preocess needs the sunless tanning moisturizers, to give you the bronzing tan. The sunless tanning moisturizers are not only enhancers of the tan but at the same time they protect the skin as well. It is often said that tanning under the sun requires tanning lotions or moisturizers but tanning inside the tanners doesn't require lotions. But, this is not correct. Tanning under the sun increases the risk of skin disorders like sunburn, acne, age spots, and sometimes melanoma. That's why, the moisturizers are needed to prevent the sun burns or rashes or dryness of the skin. They also provide the nutrient supplements to the skin.

The same is the case with sunless tanning moisturizer. Tanning in a booth is also an exposure of the UV rays that are are produced by the sun. Tanning inside a tanning bed is safe in the notion that the ultraviolet rays penetrate in safe amounts regulated by the timers. But the general effects on the skin remain the same. Thus, the sunless tanning moisturizer or the oils or lotions keep the hazards away. The sunless tanning moisturizer has SPF and DHA formulae that protect the skin from sunburn. The DHA formula enhances the tanning thus, reducing the exposure time under the ultraviolet radiations. The moisturizers also provide the nutrients essential for preventing aging spots and rashes. It also helps in hydrating the skin so that dryness doesn't prevail over the skin.