Spray Tanning

Spray tanning, also known as sunless tanning is a process by which a user can get a tan without exposure to any sort or ultra-violet radiation, generated artificially or through sunlight.

Over exposure to ultra-violet radiation is known to be the cause of skin cancer. Spray tanning offers an alternative that is safer than getting a tan by exposure to ultra-violet radiation. Contrary to popular notion, spray tanning is not spraying a dye or a color on to the skin.

Spray tanning is a means by which a formulation is sprayed on to the skin using an aerosol spray can. The formulation contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. The US FDA has approved DHA for cosmetic use. A new user should apply the formulation on to the skin for 24 hours before going in for a full application.

DHA reacts with amino acids on the surface of the skin. There is neither any skin pigmentation required nor any exposure to sunlight. It is a totally safe, convenient and easy method to acquire a tan within one to six hours.
Spray tanning can also be carried out on a commercial level with the use of a booth, which resembles an enclosed shower stall. The booth sprays the tanning lotion on to the body of the user, when the user enters the shower stall.

Spray tanning can also be done by using a portable spray gun that sprays the tanning lotion on to the client from head to toe. As a precaution, the client should wear protective goggles, ear buds, nose buds and lip balm. This is to prevent the sensitive areas in the body from being exposed to the spray. The spray should be removed from the hands and the soles of the feet immediately after application as these areas tend to absorb more of the chemicals than other parts of the body.