Know Your Skin Type Before You Get Tanned

Your skin type plays a significant role if you are considering getting a skin tan. While some skin types get tanned easily, there are others that show only a slight change in color. Let us take a look at different skin types and their relationship with tanning.

Why do you need to know your skin type for tanning?
If you are considering using tanning beds to get that golden glow then it is important that you know your skin type in the first place. This is because it is your skin type that determines how much ultraviolet exposure is required for your skin. Also, it is your skin tan that governs the time needed to develop a base tan and the number of session that you would need to get a perfect tan.

Knowing your skin type also helps you to know the time for which you can withstand UV exposure. For example people with dark skin are more resistant to UV as compared to the ones with fair skin.

Skin types and tanning reactions
Based on the color of the skin, skin types can broadly be categorized into the following six skin types. Let us understand these skin types and see how they react to UV exposure.

These are the people who have extremely white and fair skin. People with such skin do not tan at all. This is because their skin is unable to produce the required amount of melanin. Such skin type does not tan at all but burns easily and even gets peeled. If you fall into this category do not spend long hours in the tanning beds.

This category includes skin that is fair and highly unexposed to the sun. People with such skin type usually have blue or hazel eyes and blonde hair. People with Irish or Welsh Decent usually have this skin type. Such skin too tans minimally and burns painfully. Make sure you spend minimum time in the tanning bed.

Average Caucasian or white unexposed skin is yet another skin type. This skin type is able to get an average tan.

Light brown or dark brown skin is another skin type. People with such skin type usually have dark hair and dark eyes. This skin type tans easily and even exhibits Immediate Pigment Darkening Reaction. A few tanning sessions should be sufficient for people with this skin type.

Brown skinned persons or people with unexposed brown skin fall into this category. This skin type tans easily and burns only in rare cases. People of Indian or Hispanic origin have such skin type.

The last skin type includes extremely dark or black skin. Such skin type never tans or burns. Typically, African people have such skin types.

So, know about your skin type before you go ahead with the tanning process, to get a safe and effective tan.