Naked Tanning Indoors

In the enthusiasm of getting complete homogeneous tan of the body, you may prefer to get naked tanning. To get the beautiful brownish look of the skin, don't lie naked without knowing anything about tanning, you may be entangled in problems.

You may desire a bronze look for your whole body and may jump inside the tanners or lie naked under the sun on your terrace for naked tanning, but this may not be the safe option. When you cannot do naked tanning in public, you fancy doing it in tanning beds or in private space near home.

Now, while you lie naked to tan your skin, either by sunless tanning or inside a tanner, take some precautions. Tanning naked may be at times serious for certain parts of your body. There are special female bikinis that are meant for the tanning beds and nickers for men and they are made specially for the tanning sessions.

Naked tanning may affect the areas like eyes, the genital organs, the mammary glands and the under arm portions too. They are sensitive to certain radiations which the other parts of the skin readily accept. Therefore, you need to protect them from the UV radiations of the lamps of the tanners or from the sun, if you do sun tanning.

The scrotum and the lips of vagina are very sensitive to extra temperature, therefore heat and radiation may be harmful to them. The breast skin of a woman is very thin, delicate and tender and the suntan makes it rugged. The age spots grow more evidently and quickly on such skin. So, a woman with tanned breast skin risks the beauty of her breast. You can tan naked but try to keep the intensity of tan normal and take care of certain things:

1. Keep a track of time; make it only a 10-15 minutes session.
2. Wear protective goggles for eyes.
3. Use tanning lotions with SPF formulae since they moisturize the skin and prevent any rash or sunburn.