Know about the best self tanners !!

The best self tanners available in the market nowadays are just a boon for those who always keep on looking for the best self tanning products that can bestow them that dream brown look or a designer skin that they had always wanted. Luckily the market has been invaded by such best self tanners that can tan their customers in the color they had always dreamt of.

These effective self tanners simply say no to the artificial orange color and unpleasant odor given by previous self tanning lotions and products. The latest self tanners can give you natural bronzing effect, which not only lasts for long time but even fades like a natural tan color.

Even new tanning system has been introduced like spray tanning for those who hesitate in self application. You may have this facility in any tanning salon. The most effective self tanners that bestow long lasting and natural effect are self tanning creams. Even a dermatologist and a skin care expert advise self tanning creams for better results. Though several gels, sprays and mousse are available in market, none of them is so effective and better than the self tanning creams.

Now, there are certain points to be kept in mind before going for tanning sessions. The first and foremost step to be taken before applying a self tanner is the exfoliation. It is necessary to remove all the dead skins from the body. This will give a smooth and clear field to the self tanner to blend and stay for long time.

Wear very minimum clothes right after the application and allow the tanner to show its result in a better way. Using these best self tanners and following these instructions would surely bestow you with a completely new and perfect look.