Interesting Tanning Galore: A Historical Insight

Tanning now a days has become a rage. More and more people are joining the bandwagon of tanned people. In fact the concept of tanning that was earlier meant to change the skin color by excessive sun exposure has undergone a great transformation with host of artificial tanning products on the block. Today tanning as one of the elevated forms of fashion statement is flourishing at it is best. And it sounds really interesting that the tan color that was earlier a reflection of hard work performed by deprived laborers under sun, has become a fashion rage and status symbol now.

There are enough evidences that suggest that tanning was popular in ancient Greek-Roman period. Romans used to color their skin with lead. In other civilizations of that period along with sun coloring other artificial ways of skin coloring were in practice. However, there are lesser evidences to suggest popularity of tanning in the medieval period.

Nevertheless, an interesting incident resulted in a renaissance for tanning. In early nineteen thirties a popular fashion face of the France Coco Channel was spotted with a tanned color that was widely appreciated by fashion maniacs as a new fashion, despite Channel's insistence that due to excess exposure to Sun her skin color has changed and she hasn't done it intentionally. And from then onwards there was no looking back for tanning.

So it was Coco Channel, who unintentionally paved the way for resumption of tanning as a fashion trend. From France tanning fever traveled to entire Europe and size of clothes were reduced to expose greater part of body to sunlight or artificial tanning materials. By Nineteen forties almost all youngsters in Europe and America tried to catch up with Tanning Fashion.

Gradually this trend gained momentum with more and more folks longing for beach holidays to get sun bath. And what came next made guys swooned when they looked at it. All girls craved for it earnestly. It was tanning bikinis. Models with tanned bikinis set the ramp on fire in fashion galas. And for at least next decade fashion freaks remained obsessed with it.

Gradually n number of artificial synthetic-tanning products captured the market. And these were all in high demand by people. Eighties witnessed emergence of tanning salons offering tanning beds. Within one year of its introduction salon's popularity surged greatly. And later on these salons and studios became a permanent part of fashion industry that is still running because of large number of people with fetish for tanning.