Indoor Tanning Tips

There are a number of benefits of indoor tanning. Exposure to ultra-violet radiation helps our body t generate Vitamin D, which is essential for the health of our bones and prevents various cancers, such as that of the breasts, ovaries, prostrate and kidneys.

However, if not performed properly, indoor tanning may also have its own  side effects, some of them, which can be very harmful.

Improper tanning can cause sunburn and can have a very unhealthy looking ageing effect. It is always advisable to follow some tips to ensure that your tanning experience is safe and without side effects.

The following are the necessary tips for safe indoor tanning.
If you are using any kind of medication or antibiotics for blood pressure or for any other kind of skin infections, than do make it a point to consult your doctor. This is to prevent any kind of undesirable side effects.

Make for sure that your skin is not prone to any kind of allergies. 

A lotion is necessary as it protects our skin from chapping and drying up. Make sure that the lotion that you use is a good one and is certified from any undesirable side effects. Certain lotions are based on Tyrosine. This ingredient helps to stimulate the production of melanin.

Check with your doctor if you develop any reactions with the tanning products. Do not   panic, as the symptoms might only be mild in nature and not be of a major concern.
Remember hat it is not necessary for you to burn your skin in order to get a tan. This is a major fallacy and misconception. It is important for you to expose yourself gradually to get a tan. Overexposure to UVA rays will not ensure either a longer lasting or a deeper tan. It just may result in sunburn.
Use goggles to protect your eyes when you are tanning indoors. A pair of goggles which have been certified to protect against UV rays are essential.

Following these tips will ensure better and safer tanning.