Indoor Tanning Supplies

Indoor tanning supplies are those equipment and products that ensure perfect safe tanning of your skin. There are a number of things that come under the indoor tanning supplies like tanning booths or beds, lotions, bulbs, and alike. Firstly, the tanning beds or booths come in both commercial as well as domestic models. The commercial beds are for salons. Though the tanning beds create the same radiations that make the skin tan but the time of exposure controlled by the auto timers allow the required penetration only. The risk of getting extra amount of UVB rays is not there.

Secondly, the tanning lotions give protection to your skin and also enhance the tan. There are two kinds of tanning lotions with SPF formula lotions and DHA formula lotion. The former has sunscreen formula to protect the sunburn whereas the latter has tanning enhancement capability. The lotions moisturize the skin because moistured skin tans better and at the same time supplies the nutrients to the skin.

Thirdly, the artificial tanning by the spray or airbrush tan with the help of mists sprayed from the sprinklers of the tanning booth. The colors tan the skin, giving a natural look, but it slowly fades away within 10 days. Then there are the tanning pills that tan the body without any tanning session under the sun or inside a bed. They metabolically instigate the melanin. But, they are not safe to take as per many medical associations.

The indoor tanning supplies benefits are:

1. The tanning beds tan by giving out the UVA rays from the lamps attached to the device and they try to give the glow on your skin. The radiation amount of the ultraviolet rays are limited in amount and they penetrate perfectly to tan.
2. The indoor tanning doesn't cause sunburns.