Indoor tanning products

Tanning has become a rage among the elderly as well as the young, especially in the west. People in the East are not far behind. They are catching up with the trend.

 The concept of indoor tanning, has in fact has revolutionized the very idea of getting a suntan. With the advent of  technology,  it is possible to get  an artificial tan without basking in real sun light.
Many indoor tanning products are available to help people to get a tan. These products are generally safe and user friendly. With such a wide variety of customer friendly tanning products available, you are spoilt for choices. Products such as Australian Gold, California Tan, Swedish Beauty or Designing Skin are very good examples of sunless tanning and skin care solutions.
Indoor or sunless Tanning lotions are products that provide you a tan and protect you from the harmful effects of the UVA and UVB rays that you are exposed to when you are getting yourself tanned in an indoor tanning booth.

There are a number of natural oils like sunflower and hemp seed oils, aromatherapy essential oils and aloe-vera gel. These oils create a refractive prism, which magnifies the ultraviolet radiation that reaches your skin and helps to intensify your tan.

Indoor tanning products such as lotions are formulated to replenish dry skin and to provide vital moisture that is necessary before the tanning process and for retaining the tan after the process is finished.  These products not only give you a tan but also replenish the skin and protect it from drying.

The tanning lotion is thick when applied on to the skin. When the skin is exposed to either UVA or UVB, rays direct from the sun or while using an indoor tanning booth, the product is diluted and absorbed by the skin.

One thing to keep in mind is to be careful while buying such products on the internet. There are a number of cheap imitation products, which can be passed on as the genuine product. It is a smart idea to test the real product with a sample so that you do not land up buying an imitation product.