How To Even Out Tan Lines?

No matter how hard you try to get an even tan, uneven tan lines are something you just can not avoid. Tan lines look ugly and can completely spoil your appearance. But you need not worry, as you can even out these tan lines. Here are some ideas that will help you cover up these tan lines for good.

More than often people want to cover up their tan lines when they have an important event approaching. The kind of dress they would want to wear at the event might reveal the tan lines, which can ultimately spoil the overall appearance. Wear on the dress or the outfit that you are considering and you will be able to figure out how much area of the skin is exposed.

If your tan lines are itsy bitsy or are faint strap lines then you could try covering them with some kind of a stole or accessories. For those who have tan lines around the neck and shoulder chunky accessories could be a good option. Guys could use a scarf or a muffler. See if your tresses can cover up your tan lines.

Another thing that you could do to cover up your tan lines would be to invest in a top or outfit that has a neckline similar to your tans. This will help camouflage your tan perfectly for the upcoming event. However, this will require a little investment.

You can gradually merge your tan lines with the rest of the skin by exposing the tan lines to sunlight. However, this will require a little patience. Apply a highly effective sun block on the darker areas of your skin to prevent further tan. Use a lighter sunscreen on tan lines and be in sunlight for some time. Repeat this a couple of times and you will be able to even out your tan lines.

Tanning salons can also prove to be of great help to even out these tan lines. They can tan the specific area and merge them with rest of the skin. Alternatively you can even use tanning sprays, lotions and creams. But you need to be careful whilst you use them because you are never sure whether these products will give you exactly the desired skin shade or not.

Using make up to cover up these uneven tan lines is yet another thing that you can do. If you are not too good with make up, you can consider the services of a professional makeup expert. He/she will help camouflage your tan lines perfectly.

It is true that tan lines are bad but you need not be disappointed. Just the right techniques and a little patience is all that you need to cover them up.