Gun Spray Tanning

Gun spray tanning is the best and perfect way of sunless tanning. The indoor air brush tanning involves the tanning lotion comprising DHA or dihydroxyacetone. The application of this is done to the body with the help of airbrush tanning gun. A dermatologist or skin-care expert always advises their clients to go for airbrush tanning system to protect them from severe consequences of sun tanning like skin cancer and other dermal diseases. Numerous types of gun spray tanning systems and products are available in the market these days. Here is a list of some useful and effective tanning systems for you:

* Jet tan airbrush tanning system
This tanning system comprises of a tanning solution, a barrier cream and an instant face tanner. This system gives you a perfect golden or bronze look and the barrier cream also protects you from over-tanning or over-browning.

* Body rage sunless airbrush tanning system
This is a cordless air brush tanning procedure, which does not operate with batteries. The spray, flawlessly sprays the tanning solution, which remains effective for many days. It is powered by CO2.

* HVLP nuress tanning system
In a few minutes, this system sprays tan on your whole body, giving you the perfect tan look that you have ever wanted. The spray system comprises of spray gun, an impeller fan and motor to give air flow and a hose to attach the two other units.

* Visage natural airbrush sunless tanning system
It comprises of a sunless tanning solution, a nozzle cleaner and 4 CO2 cartridges. It also gives effective and long lasting results without any streaks or spots. This is perfectly sufficient for two times.

So, these are certain good and effective airbrush tanning systems that you may use or apply to tan yourself safely and securely.