Getting Rid Of Fake Tan Streaks

  You have taken a wrong step by getting an indoor fake tan and now the uneven tan streaks are marring your beauty. What can be done? Obviously! These tan streaks won't disappear overnight but there are several ways to lessen the impact of these blotchy streaks.

Steps to get rid of fake tan streaks
* To get rid of your fake tan streaks, first fill a bath tub with lukewarm water and add milk in to it. Use your hand to mix the milk in the water.
* Enter into the bath tub and stay there for 20 to 25 minutes. What actually happens is that the lactic acid present in the milk speeds up the process of exfoliation and dissolves the fake tan product's dyes in the milky water.
* Moisturizing is a must as it looses up the chemicals as well as the dead skin cells present on the surface of the skin. Therefore, use a loofah sponge while taking the milky bath and start to exfoliate.
* For effective exfoliation, use gentle circular motions on the streaky areas to smoothen your skin. The use of loofah will help you wash away the dead skin cells present on the surface.
* As soon as you come out of the milky water, dry your skin with a towel and continuously pat on your body to dry it well.
* After your body gets dried, go for body bleaching. Apply good facial bleach on the affected areas and let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, wash it off. Keep hydrogen peroxide handy for emergency cases. In case the bleach causes irritation on the affected areas, wipe it off with hydrogen peroxide. Also, before you apply hydrogen peroxide, conduct a skin test. Depending on the fake tan's color, bleach should be applied on the skin. Of-course, lighter tans would take lesser time to lighten as compared to darker dyes.
* Finally, wash your skin with cold water and properly moisturize your skin. Also, apply a good moisturizer and drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin.

Tips and warnings
* It is important to exfoliate before you go for indoor tanning with the help of tan products. Exfoliation will help you ascertain an even glow. Besides, make use of rubber gloves and put on the product on your skin quickly but smoothly. If you have any apprehensions with the use of streaking creams, use a mist-applicator.
* Always apply bleach on a small area first, to determine the tolerance of the product on the skin. Don't use the bleach if you encounter irritation or redness. You must follow the directions of use mentioned at the back of the bleach.

So, be extremely careful while applying any fake tan product on your skin and if you still have to face fake tan streaks, simply follow the above mentioned tips to experience effective results.