Get The Looks Through Bion Tanning

To have a tanning face and a tanned body is very popular among pretty women. The celebrities look astonishing as a result of tanning. To have a perfect tanned face is a complement in itself. The new Bion Tanning method is meant for facial tan. Without the Bion tanning method it is very hard to receive an even tan on your face. You are required to cover your eyes from the bright rays of the lighting and then other parts of your face are tanned as well.

Bion Tanning is the tanning equipment from the Bion Face Tanner company that enables you to get a facial tan indoor anywhere you like. The maximum time required is thirty minutes, so you receive a gorgeous facial tan. The Bion face tanner has safety features for eye protection and timer shutoff for preventing overexposure and it even runs in between 100 to 120 volt for the four fifteen watt lamps that it has.

Its easy to use, place the Bion Facial Tanner on a comfortable surface and put on the protective goggles, place your face within 4 inches from the screen, and turn your face from time to time. When your time is up, the automatic shut off will turn off in time and you get the perfectly gorgeous look for yourself.

The home tanners, from Bion, allow you to tan any time, even while watching TV, listening to music, or while talking over the phone. It is one of the easiest way to get your face tanned the way you had always wanted.

Don't forget to:

1. Use the protective eye goggles.
2. To turn the timer to the desired time.
3. Properly position yourself in front of the lamps.
4. To turn your face from time to time.

You go on looking great day by day and have a face to turn others around. Discover in yourself the real beauty of your skin which was hiding long in the sunburn or melanin coated skin. The exposure of your face will make others jealous. Consult a dermatologist before you use a tanner for the beauty.