Safe Tanning Guide: Easy Tips for Natural Sunbath And Artificial Tanning

If you are the one looking for some ultimate tanning solution, you need to be a little careful for imperfect tanning will do harm to your skin. And tanning at the cost of your skin is better avoided. Your skin happens to be one sensitive part of your body and it performs some of the vital functions. It is skin that controls thermal equilibrium of your body and you get a greater part of vitamin D through it.

So, you owe a greater responsibility towards your skin; provide it proper care and attention. A consultation with dermatologist would enable you to know about the precautionary measures and other aspects of perfect tanning. He would examine the nature of your skin before imparting you tips on safe tanning. All tanning tips are basically oriented towards keeping the skin free of any side effects or reactions as a result of tanning. However, instructions for sun tanning and artificial tanning could be quite different. For, both these methods of attaining tan color have different set of precautionary grievances. I have compiled a quick guideline on tanning. Here it goes:

Before lying naked in front of sun, take note of following points.

1.The first and the foremost thing that you should do before going for sunbath is making your skin moisturized, preferably with SPF lotions. This will reduce the chances of skin rashes due to incidence of excessive ultraviolet rays.
2.Use recommended moisturizing creams. That is, you should keep your skin away from other cosmetic products and artificial fragrances.
3.In case of naked tanning, you must ensure that your breasts are properly moisturized with SPF creams or lotions.
4.Best time in a day for tanning is between 8 AM to 10 AM.
5.While lying under the sun, use ultraviolet protecting sunglasses on your eyes.
6.You must not take sunbath for more than an hour in one tanning session.
7.There must be a gap of 24 hours between two tanning sessions.

There are different sets of precautions for artificial tanning and they are as follows:

1.You must visit a reputed tanning salon.
2.It's better if you get tanned under low intensity UVB rays.
3.You should be extremely careful in choosing tanning creams for your face and strictly refrain yourself from using body tanning lotion on face.
4.If you are undergoing naked tanning, provide a shield of creams to your UV sensitive body parts. Specifically, you should protect your breasts and lips against it.
5.A tanning session should not exceed half an hour.
6.Lastly, lotions used for body tanning must be a product of SPF formula.

Following these easy tanning tips, you will definitely enjoy a rich as well as safe tanning. Good Luck!