Do's And Dont's For Indoor Tanning

Although a nice tan is what all of us desire, we need to be extra careful while tanning ourselves. Simply, because too much exposure to the sun rays can be harmful. Even if we are using artificial tanning devices at home, overusing them can be dangerous. Do keep the following things in mind while undergoing indoor tanning. There are certain do's and don'ts of indoor tanning that we must follow to avoid any kind of problems.

Set specific exposure time- There might be exposure limits for your skin type. So, set the timer accordingly. Also remember that age is also a factor that needs to be considered. Children and adolescents are more harmed by the UVB rays than the adults. So be quite careful.

Use safety goggles- If you are using the services of a tanning salon, do inquire whether they provide safety goggles or not. Also make sure that the goggles fit snugly and that the salon sterilizes the goggles after each use so as to prevent spread of eye infections. If you are tanning in a home tanning bed then get a pair of safety goggles for yourself.

Go for trusted tanning products only- A chap tanning lotion could actually do a lot of damage. So, the key is that you must go for a tanning product that's branded and holds a good reputation. It is much safer to use!

Choose a tanning salon carefully- Take recommendations from your friends and carry out the prior research work before you select a tanning salon for yourself. Going for a reputed tanning salon would ensure a safe tan under expert supervision.

Don't ignore your medical condition- if you have some specific medical condition then you must inform the tanning salon about it. If you are undergoing treatment for lupus or diabetes then remember that these conditions can be aggravated by exposure to UV rays. Also the skin's sensitivity may increase if you are using certain medications like antihistamines, tranquilizers or birth control pills.

Don't forget pre-tan moisturizing- it is very important to moisturize your skin before you go about tanning it. It will help you tan yourself evenly and safely. So, moisturizing is very important.

Don't use tanning product you don't know about- If you don't know how to use a tanning product thn don't use it. Try to follow the manufacturer's instructions to be able to do it all successfully. Else, you  could  take help from somebody who already knows about it.