Correct Use Of Indoor Tanning Lamps

Sunless tanning has become a buzz word. To cater to it, various varieties of indoor tanning lamps can be seen in the market these days. The tanning bulbs or lamps have major role to play in sunless tanning. They act as the prime source of the UV or ultravioa original UV rays that comes out from the sun.

There are numerous factors and points that are needed to be considered before buying a tanning lamp for sunless tanning. Of them, the most important thing is to first consult a good dermatologist or a skin-care expert before going for a self tanning method by using a tanning lamp. And if you are planning to visit a tanning salon then you and your instructor should be informed about your skin sensitivity and texture. Always follow the directions and instructions written on the label of the tanning lamp and the tanning bed carefully. Use the device only within the recommended time period. Do not over-tan yourself in order to get fast and quick results.

Give at least two days gap between each tanning session. This helps your skin to repair the damages that you had attained during the earlier tanning. Protect your eyes while tanning by wearing a safety eyewear. There should be an acrylic sheet between your body and the tanning lamp to protect yourself from the heat burns. And if at all you suffer from acute complications, consult your doctor immediately.

So, by following these basic few guidelines, you can get that gorgeous tanned skin which can be a reason of envy for those around you.