Correct Use Of Home Tanning Lamps

Several kinds of home tanning lamps are available in market these days. But, not all of them are suitable for indoor tanning. The tanning lamps or bulbs are key players in sunless tanning. They act as the prime source of the UV or ultraviolet rays that the original sunshine provides while sun tanning or sun bathing.

There are numerous factors and points that are needed to be considered while buying a tanning lamp to tan yourself. Some of them are as follows:

- First, make sure to consult your skin-care expert before going for self tan or using any kind of tanning lamp.
- If you are going to a tanning salon then inform them about your skin sensitivity so that they may take the required precautions and other preventive measures.
- Always follow the directions and instructions written on the label of tanning lamp and tanning bed carefully.
- Allow yourself to be tanned for the recommended time only. Do not over-tan yourself for fast and quick results.
- Give at least two days gap between each tanning session. This gives your skin the time to repair the damages that you had attained during the tanning session.
- Protect your eyes while tanning by wearing a safety eye-wear.
- There should be an acrylic sheet between you and the tanning lamp to protect you from the heat burns.
- Consult your doctor or skin care expert immediately if any serious damage occurs during the self-tanning session.
- Your tanning session should not go beyond the number recommended by your doctor. Also, limit the use of tanning lamp to retain your tan color otherwise, you may cause serious damages to your skin.

So, these are the few guidelines that you should follow while using home tanning lamps.