Best Tips To Safe Indoor Tanning

The process of self tanning is the answer to sun tanning, which you believe is the possible reason for skin cancer. The relationship between cancer and sun tan is more or less proved by the research scientists now.

One of the “safest” methods is airbrush tanning. This is the process that employs an air compressor and airbrush delivery system to apply the tanning solution to the skin, to whichever area you wish.

What is the positive side of this natural tan system? It is easy and even in application. The absorption is quick, streak-free. We have blamed the sun enough for your hard labors in sun tanning, when you were ignorant about these self tanning exercises. Burning, premature aging, and master of all skin diseases, the dreaded skin cancer!

There is nothing to be afraid about this natural tan, codenamed DHA. It is our old friend, sugarcane juice! Its reaction is just superficial. I mean it causes a natural reaction on the top layer of your skin, to produce a beautiful tan. Sugar can cause you diabetes, but not this process- no damage to the skin, whatsoever!

Krome Aerosol Spray Tanning: This is also a side-effects free, superior solution. It is very convenient to use as well. It is a hand-spray bottle. You can carry it along with you.

You need to follow certain guidelines, before you start with your self-service tanning procedure:

1.Before using the airbrushing application, remain free from the application of lotions and perfumes.
2.Shake the can thoroughly, before each application.
3.Even and thorough application is a must.
4.Allow for a deep and penetrating tan. Do not take bath for 6 to 8 hours after the tan.
5.If it is your first attempt, do it again on the second day for the tan to be effective.
6.Always wipe the bottoms of your feet after airbrushing.
7.Maintain a cool body temperature before spraying.
8.Take care to select your product for self tanning. Quick results are nice, but if they were to cause permanent damage to your skin, you will feel discouraged. This type of tanning is supposed to check the aging process of the skin.

If the ingredients of the solution are natural, it is reasonable to assume that they are safe. Tan only when it is necessary and if you think it suits you. Your natural complexion of the skin might be better than any tan. Have a moderate approach to tan.