Are Bronzers The Right Choice

 Bronzers are supposed to tan your skin without any attendant harmful effects- like getting deposited under your skin or giving an orange color or any of those effects. In fact, they are more like a cosmetic make-up.

Available in the form of lotions and gels, bronzers use water-soluble dyes to produce a darker color on the skin. The effect of a bronzer is immediate and it dries pretty quickly as well. However, the color is temporary and starts fading after the very first wash.

Usually, these bronzers contain the chemical additive dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a non-toxic agent pronounced safe for tanning. These bronzers usually do not have any in-built sunscreens to provide protection against the sun. Another problem is that they can be difficult to apply and may not provide an even tan. Also, the chemicals in the bronzers may have a different effect on various portions of your skin and thus create a tan of many shades.

Bronzers are actually almost like make-up which when you apply to your skin gives it a tint. The tan can easily be removed by washing with soap and water. Do take care while applying bronzers as they may stain your clothes or fabrics. Also, take care that it does not run when wet.

Bronzers are a popular and almost safe method to get a tan. Use them and get ready to face the world with your bronzed look.